Track Lead: Dr Luis Kun

10th Nov 2022

10:30PM - 12:00 Midnight [HKT] / 2:30PM - 4PM [UTC]Session #1:Telemedicine systems for integration of health services during crisis and disasters

11th Nov 2022

10:30PM - 12:00 Midnight [HKT] / 2:30PM - 4PM [UTC]Session #2: Integrated Intelligence: Complementing Human and Artificial Intelligence for a better health care

Paper Presentations

12th Nov 2022

10:30PM - 11:30 PM [HKT] / 2:30PM - 3:30PM [UTC]Session #3: Paper Presentations

Session #1: Telemedicine systems for integration of health services during crisis and disasters.

Francesco SicurelloChair: Dr. Francesco Sicurello, President of @ITIM, Italian Association on Telemedicine and Medical Informatics; National Research Council-Institute of Biomedical Technologies, Milan; Health Directorate, Lombardia Region

Francesco Sicurello is the Professor and President of Health Informatics in Milano, Lombardia, Italy. He is also the President of IITM [International Institute of Tele-Medicine], Coordinator of University Technological Centre in Desio-Monza, professor at the University of Milan, Macerata, Como and Milan Bicocca.

Prof. Sicurello is a physicist (specialized in Cybernetics) having several years of experience in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine. He served as computer scientist, responsible at Desio Hospital for development of the epidemiological and medical information systems and researcher in clinical informatics and software for data analysis in medicine at Policlinic Hospital in Milan, before taking the lead of the Medical Informatics Unit at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies of Milan (National Council of Research).

Francesco Sicurello (President of International Institute of Tele-Medicine. Italian National Council of Research, Milan); Giuseppe (Joseph) Tritto (President of WABT, France)

Introduction of chairs on:

Telemedicine in monitoring and rehabilitation; Artificial Intelligence and Digital Open Health

Communications of:

Martin Zizi, Belgium & USA
Matteo Botteghi, University of Bologna, Italy, , Luca Neri , Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA & University of Bologna A, Antonio Augello, Accyourate, Italy
Alice Karoubi-Nordon, France
James Goldberg, USA & France
Mateja Leonni Stanonik, USA & Slovenia
Pal Miletics,  Hungary

Session #2: Integrated Intelligence: Complementing Human and Artificial Intelligence for a better health care


Dr Parag Chatterjee works as professor at the National Technological University in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the Department of Biological Engineering at the University of the Republic, Uruguay. He has obtained his BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Calcutta, followed by a PhD from the National Technological University, Argentina. His current research is focused on the transdisciplinary areas of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence applied to healthcare, especially in the domain of prediction and prevention of cardiometabolic diseases. In addition to serving as editor in several international journals in the area of health informatics, Dr Chatterjee has delivered invited talks and keynotes in international conferences and events like ExpoInternet LatinoAmérica, TEDx, IoT Week Geneva, and in institutions like the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru, India and University of Rome II, Italy.


Paper Presentations
  • Christian Herzog, Inexplicable AI in Medicine as a Form of Epistemic Oppression
  • Jordan Richard Schoenherr, The New Folk Medicine: Vaccination, Values, and Health Information Search Behaviour
  • Noeline Prins, Rebecca Monteleone, Joana Soldado-Magraner, Joanne Nash, Michael J. Young and Laura Cabrera, Reexamining the ethical, legal, social, and cultural implications for cochlear implants through a novel neuroethics framework

Session #3:Paper Presentations

Chair: Joaquin Azpiroz Leehan

Azpiroz Leehan JoaquiJoaquin Azpiroz Leehan obtained his B Sc and M Sc in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) in Mexico City in 1980 and 1986. He earned his Ph. D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France in 1992. He is currently Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Scientific Coordinator at CI3M, a National Laboratory for Medical Imaging and instrumentation at UAM.He has worked on many different facets of Biomedical Engineering: from designing and building custom instrumentation for physiological & biophysical experiments, hardware-based signal processing systems, image processing, and the design and development of medical devices. Another field las been MR imaging (structural and functional), with special emphasis is on effects of environmental and workplace inhalation of pollutants and solvents. Another important interest has been BME Education.


  • Rua Williams,“Only the Old and Sick Will Die” – Reproducing ‘Eugenic Visuality’ in COVID-19 Data Visualization
  • Stephen Fernandez and Suzanne Seah,Tracking Health Nationwide: How mHealth Technologies Transform Social Relationships in a Population-Level Fitness Promotion Campaign