10th Nov 2022

1PM - 2:30PM [HKT] / 5AM - 6:30AM [UTC]Session #1: Paper Presentations

11th Nov 2022

1PM - 2:30PM [HKT] / 5AM - 6:30AM [UTC]Session #2: Paper Presentations

12th Nov 2022

1PM - 2:30PM [HKT] / 5AM - 6:30AM [UTC]Session #3: Keynote Speech: The Digitization of Trust and the Young Leaders of Southeast Asia

Track Lead: Prof Joseph Sarkis
Co Lead: Dr. Sundarraj R P

Session #1: Paper Presentations

  • Jordan Schoenherr, Wholly Alliance: Psychographics and Behavioural Nudging in the Internet of Things
  • Yuanchu Song, The Questionable Foundations and Implications of Money-Making Apps in China
  • Andrés Domínguez Hernández and Vassilis Galanos, A Toolkit of Dilemmas: Beyond debiasing and fairness formulas for responsible AI/ML
  • Robyn Ruttenberg-Rozen, Nichole Powell and Pamela Leggett-Robinson,Inclusion is Much More Than Access: STEM Capital and Agentic Strategies
  • Marc Cheong, Social Media Harms as a Trilemma: Asymmetry, Algorithms, and Audacious Design Choices
  • Yuyang Tang and Richard Williams, Investigating Relationship Conflict within the Social Network of Large IS Projects using a SIR Model

Session #2: Overview of IEEE P3800 Data Trading System and Paper Presentations

Keynote: Overview of IEEE P3800 Data Trading System
Speaker: Dr. Hiroshi Mano
IEEE P3800 standard establishes a system designed to trade data through domain-independent and principled marketplaces operating under a unified architecture. It defines terminology, a reference model, and the roles and functions of data providers, data users, and data marketplaces. The standard provides an overview of the data trading system using its reference model.
This section introduce the overview of IEEE P3800 and status of standardization works.
Dr. Hiroshi Mano
Hiroshi Mano

In 2014, established EverySense, Inc. EverySense developed an IoT information trading platform and acquired its national patent in Japan.

Founder and Secretary General of Data Trading Alliance (DTA) that is an industry-academic-government alliance with the cooperation of Japan Cabinet Office, Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan Ministry of Economy.

Has been deeply involved in Japan and overseas in standardization and rule proposals in the fields of wireless communications, Internet, data trading, etc. and contributed to the Big Data strategy proposal in the G7 ICT Ministerial Meeting in Turin in 2017.

2020 IEEE P3800 DTS(Data Trading System) WG Chair.
2021 Data Society Alliance (reorganized and renamed from DTA) Secretary General.

Paper Presentations:

  • Maria Jihan Sangil, Informing Government Decision-Making with Online Citizen Feedback and Social Media: Pedestrianization of Streets
  • Xiang Michelle Liu and Diane Murphy, Applying a Trustworthy AI Framework to Mitigate Bias and Increase Workforce Gender Diversity
  • Sheilla Njoto, Marc Cheong, Reeva Lederman, Aidan McLoughney, Leah Ruppanner and Anthony Wirth, Gender Bias in AI Recruitment Systems: A Sociological- and Data Science-based Case Study


Session #3: Keynote Speech: The Digitization of Trust and the Young Leaders of Southeast Asia

Keynote : The Digitization of Trust and the Young Leaders of Southeast Asia
Speaker: Dr. Vladimir Yapit Mariano, Fullbright University, Vietnam

Dr. Vladimir Mariano (Vlad) is the Lead Faculty for Technology and Innovation at the YSEALI Academy of Fulbright University Vietnam. Vlad graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, with research interests in machine learning and computer vision. He has worked on industrial projects with the National Robotics Engineering Center of Carnegie Mellon University and VideoMining Corporation in Pennsylvania, USA. He published three U.S. patents with VideoMining.

As an academic, Vlad has served as Director and Associate Professor of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. In Vietnam, Vlad served as Lecturer and Research Coordinator of the School of Science and Technology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. During his time in academia, Vlad also co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer for several technology startup companies. These startups delivered various services including drone-based aerial surveys, video analysis of retail stores and mobile app development for human resource services.

On the side, Vlad teaches kids coding, assembling electronics and making robots. He enjoys traveling, artwork and playing the piano.

Paper Presentations:

  • Harish Chowdhary and Naveen Chaudhary, Universal Acceptance as an Elixir for Multilingual Internet and Cybersecurity Considerations
  • Leon Wilson, Universal Access: A Sociotechnical Analysis of Broadband Internet Adoption in the Public Interest
  • Hongyu Zhang and Grant McKenzie, Towards place-based privacy: Challenges and opportunities in the “smart” world