Special Issue: Journal of Social Computing (JSC), Tsing Hua University Press, China

Dear colleagues,

In conjunction with the IEEE ISTAS22 conference to be held here in Hong Kong (10th – 12th November 2022, hybrid mode), as part of Tsinghua University Press: https://dc.tsinghuajournals.com/journal-of-social-computing/, the Journal of Social Computing (JSC) will publish a peer-reviewed special issue that we would recommended to a special issue from a few exceptional original research papers, in which the paper author(s) must submit, register and presented at the ISTAS22 HK conference, of which is connecting to the main theme of the conference– Digital and Societal Transformations. In particularly topics in 5G and 6G mobile wireless network on IoTs, Biosciences, Integrated Digital Healthcare…etc…

This special issue is in cooperation with the JSC’s editors in chief, the ISTAS22 HK conference Local Committee, Dr. Laurie Lau (APATAS), Prof. Hua Zhong (CUHK), and Prof. TianJi Cai (UMAC), will serve as Guest Editors for this special issue Journal. JSC is an open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal which aims to publish high-quality, original research that pushes the boundaries of thinking, findings, and designs at the dynamic interface of social interaction and computation. More details about the journal can be found here: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/aboutJournal.jsp?punumber=8964404

For this special issue, JSC will consider works that focus on the use of computation to learn from the explosion of social data, the analysis of how dynamic, evolving social collectives constitute emergent computers to solve their own problems, and the human computer interaction whereby machines and persons recursively combine to generate unique knowledge and collective intelligence.

Authors of original papers for this special issue after presenting at the conference will be receiving an invitation to submit to this special issue in the form letter of invitation. All accepted papers and its submission should be through this following hyperlink directly: https://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/jsc-tup

We are looking forward to your submissions and please forward to related colleagues and students for possible contributions.

Many thanks,

Guest Editors